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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

With Automated Clearing House (ACH) services, your business can save money on processing costs by making payments and transfers without a check or wire.

ACH transactions are handled electronically with maximum efficiency. ACH payments are 25 percent less likely than checks to be a target for fraud, potentially reducing your exposure to financial losses.

You can initiate transactions such as direct deposits, direct debits, and cash concentrations right from your office computers - saving time and offering more control. Learn more about our ACH services below. 
ACH Direct Deposit ACH Direct Debit ACH Vendor Payments
Payroll/Expense Reimbursement

Send transactions by flexible entry methods, including our business banking online ACH module.

  • Predictable cash flow and prompt delivery of payments.
  • Flexible processing schedules to accommodate almost any payroll schedule.
  • A new employee benefit to offer your workforce.
Customer Payments

Receive payments faster by directly debiting your customers' accounts when funds are authorized.

  • Maximize cash flow while minimizing float associated with receivables.
  • Receive collections on specific due dates
  • Offer your business customers an efficient payment method.
Vendor Payments
Make one-time or recurring payments to your vendors by sending electronically through ACH.

  • Send payments for specific due dates.
  • Avoid high costs of issuing checks.
  • Lower your fraud risk.
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