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Agility Bank, N.A. announced today that veteran banker Rodney Nabors has been appointed Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer.
Lauren Sparks, founder and CEO of Agility, believes: “This is a clear signal that men who support women in securing their financial goals are welcome at Agility, the first Minority Depository Institution (MDI) established specifically to focus on women. We have always said that we want the most astute bankers at the table to provide women, and everyone, the ideas, support, products, and services to grow their businesses. Rodney definitely will do that.”
Agility Bank, N.A. announced today it has completed its capital raise of almost $41 million. The bank raised 33 percent above the $30 million required by regulators for the bank to open. Agility Bank is the first Minority Depository Institution (MDI) in the country formed for the purpose of focusing on women while serving all.

Bank of America joined several other banks in Agility’s capital raise. Hong Ogle, President of Bank of America Houston, noted, “Women entrepreneurs have long faced barriers to equal access to capital. The investment by Bank of America in Agility is part of our commitment to create economic opportunity, as well as elevate and provide funding for Minority Depository Institutions that support minority and women-owned small businesses.” 

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Agility Bank, N.A. has announced the appointment of Edna Meyer-Nelson as the chair of its board of directors. A former banker and now leader of one of the largest women-owned real estate investment firms in the country, Meyer-Nelson assumes the leadership role at the new bank immediately. Agility is the first bank in the country established as a Minority Depository Institution (MDI) for the purpose of focusing on women.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for all of us associated with Agility Bank to make a significant difference in the banking landscape in Houston,” said Meyer-Nelson, president and CEO of The Richland Companies.

Agility Bank, N.A. announced that it has received all regulatory approvals to open as the first bank in the U.S. primarily owned and led by women under a special charter by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Through this Minority Depository Institution (MDI) charter, Agility’s focus will be on serving women and all small and mid-size businesses.

“This is a historic event for banking, our country, and Houston,” said Lauren Sparks, founder. president and CEO of Agility. “Our goal from the beginning has been to promote financial parity for women, so they have better access to capital and can have a seat at the table in a world where differences are valued and celebrated.” The bank opens Monday, May 23.

Agility Bank, N.A. has received confirmation of its special Minority Depository Institution (MDI) status from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, becoming the first de novo national bank in the United States opened with predominantly female leadership and ownership but working for all.

"This is a very rewarding designation for Agility but also for the small and mid-size businesses that form the backbone of Houston's economy," said Lauren Sparks, President and CEO of Agility.
Agility Bank and Trustmark Bank entered a strategic collaboration agreement to highlight the strengths and deepen the community commitment of both banks as part of the Project REACh Initiative with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
“This is truly a unique opportunity to reach deeper into the areas we serve to meet the growing needs of women and all minority business owners." - Duane Dewey, Trustmark President and CEO. 

Numerated, the Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing fintech SaaS company, has been selected by Agility Bank, a primarily women-owned and women-led commercial community bank. Agility Bank will offer seamless digital lending experiences to clients using Numerated as its primary origination platform for its full suite of business banking products.  
“We looked for providers with a proven and nimble tech stack that would allow us to hit the ground running on day one and use data in innovative ways,” - Lauren Sparks, founder and CEO of Agility Bank

Climate First Bank and Agility Bank announced today an agreement to collaborate. Both banks are founded on specific values important in their communities – Climate First with its commitment to fight the climate crisis and promote environmental sustainability, and Agility Bank with its commitment to women and minority-owned businesses.

“Through this collaboration, both Climate First Bank and Agility Bank will further our shared goal of using finance as a positive tool for sustainable economic, social and environmental development.” - Ken LaRoe, founder and CEO of Climate First Bank
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Agility Bank announced the appointment of José (“Jay”) Pedraza as its chief technical officer. With deep experience in digital banking, IT infrastructure, support and security, Jay is leading the development of Agility’s technology platform that will take a commercial community bank to fintech levels.
"Building a bank’s technology for small and medium-sized businesses is the wave of the future for commercial community banks. We’re leading that charge.” - Jay Pedraza, Chief Technology Officer
Agility Bank is pleased to announce its association with Tina Veserra as its Chief Operating Officer. Tina will also hold the position of Human Resources Director, and be responsible for compliance, which includes the Bank Secrecy Act, and consumer protection initiatives.

"At Agility, we are taking complicated processes and making them seamless to the person sitting on the other side of the desk." - Tina Veserra, Chief Operating Officer

Agility Bank, Houston’s first bank organized, owned and led primarily by women, is pleased to announce its association as a member of its Board of Directors with Maureen Sanders, a veteran banker who is now a leader in Houston’s healthcare community.
“The ability to be on the ground floor of organizing a bank that is going to be primarily owned by women and led by women is a continuation of a vision I have had since my early days in banking.” - Maureen Sanders, Director

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Agility Bank, primarily owned and led by women, announced today its partnership with Data Center Inc. (DCI), a woman-led developer of leading bank technologies for community banks.
“We believe the future of community banking is in working with companies like DCI that are ready to adopt new ideas as our clients’ needs evolve. We will use current technology in innovative ways to make everyone’s lives easier and more productive.” - Lauren Sparks, founder and CEO
Agility Bank announced today that Tan Ghaderi, a banker with over 20 years of experience, has joined its team as a business lending officer.

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