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Minority Depository Institution

Proud to be the first but hopefully not the last.

Agility Bank is the first primarily women-owned and led bank created for this purpose in the U.S. under a special Minority Depository Institution (MDI) national charter of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
Our founder, Lauren Sparks, knew from the beginning that Agility Bank could be a force in Houston’s growth with the MDI designation, which requires 51% of the voting stock be owned by women. Today, the ownership of Agility Bank is 75% women, and its leadership and board are both 66% female.

Her determination to unlock capital for women—and all small and mid-size businesses—is a reality. For a number of years, she had seen that women were underbanked and under represented in financial institutions C-suites. National statistics indicate, however, that women are forming businesses and scaling businesses at a high growth rate. And while Wall Street banks have made inroads into the inclusion of women, Main Street has lagged in this effort. Our organizers recognized this demographic, its needs, and its opportunities.

As an MDI, Agility Bank will be uniquely positioned to work with other established financial institutions with joint efforts to meet the economic needs of women-owned businesses whether its loans, services, education or connections. And as the employees, shareholders, vendors and customers of larger corporations want to see these companies further their reach into all minority communities, Agility can help meet their goals.

All of this said, Agility’s goal is to have the best voices—both men and women—at the table so the best solutions can be created. It’s not one or the other, our success will be inclusion of all.

"We can learn from one another as we grow and have an impact."
- Lauren Sparks, Founder