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Social Media Policy

Our community social media policy

Agility Bank, its employees and management want to keep in touch with our clients; the ways of doing so are constantly evolving. This creates new communication opportunities, but it also creates responsibilities for both the creator and the receiver. For banks, there are regulatory, privacy and reputation issues that must be considered. Communication with Agility Bank is not a one-way activity. We want to engage with you while practicing the proper procedures and conduct.

Purpose of This Social Media Policy
This policy delineates the manner in which our communications with you will be conducted on all current and future social media platforms.

For the purpose of this social media policy, “the Bank” refers to all paid staff members and those serving in volunteer or internship capacities representing the bank.

Social media refers to all electronic communication including, but not limited to, social networking sites (for example, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), web browsers, blogs, podcasts, publishing systems, websites, and others.

Agility recognizes the importance of communication and the various means and opportunities of communicating with our clients, prospects and communities. Employee usage of social media may provide some benefit to the Bank and are governed under our internal social media policy to ensure consistent and clear messaging.

For our external communications through social media, it is our goal for the Bank and those representing the Bank to present information factually and professionally. In turn, it is our expectation to be treated fairly and respectfully.

The guidelines set forth in this policy apply to any online platform where information or postings reflect on the Bank whether posted by an employee, someone representing the Bank, or an external client or prospect. These platforms include but are not limited to:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Google, Blogs, Emails

• Common sense is the best guide if you post information on any site regarding Agility Bank. You are responsible for all content posted. Inaccurate or false statements, or statements that could be interpreted as inappropriate reflect on your integrity.
• Remember that the internet is not anonymous and once a post is made, it is permanent and, in almost all cases, can be tracked back to the author. Information on the internet is backed up and posts from one forum may be reposted to others.
• You are personally responsible for the content you publish on any social media or internet platform that references Agility Bank, its employees, leadership or activities.
• If you post something about Agility Bank, or your relationship with Agility Bank, the Bank frequently cannot respond directly because of privacy and confidentiality regulations required of the Bank to protect your banking relationship and personal information. Do not ever put your personal banking information in a post, including account numbers, your name, address or phone number. Utilize the secured and encrypted communication vehicles provided by Agility Bank.
• Agility Bank will do all it can to remove from any site defamatory, inappropriate, false or other information deemed to be misleading. The Bank will not tolerate profane, offensive or violent language, discussions of any illegal activity or content that relates to confidential or proprietary business information.
• If it is appropriate to respond online, the CEO is the only person authorized to approve response comments.
• Agility Bank has a form to file comments and questions under the Resources tab on our website. That link is: If you need to file a complaint, fill out the form at It is our expectation that if you have a concern, you will use this link or call us at 713-324-8810.

As stated at the beginning of this policy, social media can provide a way to have meaningful, vital and vibrant conversations. It is through this type of exchange that we can build a network committed to growing the small and mid-size businesses in Houston and provide access to financial resources for women, and all minorities. It is Agility Bank’s hope that you will communicate with us!