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About Us

Your local agile, adaptable and action-oriented bank.

Houston's small and medium-sized businesses have a home at Agility.

Before opening our doors in 2022, our seasoned bankers kept hearing the same thing from business owners in the community: 
"My megabank keeps redirecting me to automated client service systems or outsourced agencies."Woman smiling with text "Inattention and inaction were the problems. Agility is the solution."

Our Mission

To make commercial, community banking relevant for everyone
Our team is focused on advancing Houston's small and medium-sized businesses, particularly those owned by women and minorities; the individuals that reflect the diversity of our city. Our clients can access their accounts anytime, anywhere, with personalized service from our bankers. You will never be redirected to a chat bot or outsourced customer service provider.

laptop with text "Whether in person, by phone, or on a computer, Houston's business owners can bank efficiently and effectively with Agility."

Our History

Excellent client service since 2022
There were two things our founder, Lauren Sparks, wanted to tackle when she initially conceptualized Agility: Underrepresentation of women in the finance industry, both as executive decision makers and clients, and a lack of flexible technology offered by community banks.

Women-owned and women-led
Agility is the first primarily women-owned and led bank created for this purpose and designated as a Minority Depository Institution (MDI) by the OCC. We received this special charter because women comprise more than 60% of both our shareholder base and our board of directors. Female business owners are financially underserved, and women are an underrepresented shareholder demographic in banks, so it was critical to us to help close this gap. Overall, we strive to have the best voices, both men and women, at the Agility table so that our clients can receive the best ideas and service possible. When we work together, we succeed together. Learn more about MDIs and our status as one here.
Community banking with a tech feel
Lauren noticed banks were lumbering into the digital world pre-COVID. The big banks, who were early tech adopters, were wrestling with legacy systems. Regional banks that had grown through mergers or acquisitions were grappling with how to take systems that had been bolted together and make them function as a whole. Community banks were caught with little resources—or inclination—to venture far into technology. Lauren knew there had to be a better way to provide individualized client service with financial technology embedded as needed. And so, Agility Bank was formed.
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