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Treasury Management

Safe and agile treasury management for your business.

Optimize liquidity while mitigating financial, operational and reputational risks. Open your account or contact a banker today to get started.

ACH Origination - Simplify paying your employees, reimbursing expenses, receiving customer payments, and paying vendors.

Wires - Quickly wire transfer funds between bank accounts domestically or internationally.
Merchant Services - Accept transaction payments through a secure, encrypted channel using your customer's credit or debit card.

Remote Deposit Capture - Scan and electronically transmit larger deposits online, ensuring checks are processed faster with funds available to you sooner. 
Check Positive Pay - Helps stop fraud in process and view images of checks with changed or duplicated check numbers, amounts, or even payees.

ACH Positive Pay - Make it easier to monitor your ACH debit activity and provide additional protection from fraudulent entries.
IntraFi - Protect and grow cash balances by accessing FDIC insurance for multiple CD accounts of $250K or less, all by banking with your trusted, local institution - Agility Bank!

Sweeps - Earn more interest automatically by letting the bank move your money between accounts.

Zero Balance Account - Maintain a balance of zero by transferring funds to a master or interest-bearing account.
Digital Banking and Billpay - Use Agility's digital tools to bank anytime, anywhere.

Virtual StrongBox - Use this drive provided by Agility Bank to send and store files and documents securely.