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Stay agile to keep yourself safe in an increasingly digital world.

As a primarily digital, near-fintech bank, cybersecurity stays a top priority in the decisions our team makes. Agility clients can rest easy knowing their information is safe, secure and protected. Every member of our staff has completed a cybersecurity course, and we always keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. But, what else can Agility do to keep client data safe?

.Bank Domain
You may notice in the URL that our website is hosted by a '.bank' domain, instead of the standard '.com' or '.net' domain. This is because banking has been a highly-phished industry for more than ten years. Agility Bank has enhanced its cybersecurity against phishing and spoofing*, the leading causes of breaches, identity theft and financial fraud. Publicly available domains, like '.com' and '.net,' make it easy for fraudulent domains to commit business email compromise (BEC)**. Agility pivoted away from these easily abused domains to limit their exposure to cyberattacks. A '.bank' domain is like ‘.gov’ and ‘.edu’, but for the banking sector.

Employees, vendors and clients can look for the .bank at the end of emails and links to help prevent breaches, identity theft and financial fraud in day-to-day interactions and when engaged with new digital products and services. And remember, the Agility Bank team will never ask for personal information on any unencrypted platform.

*Phishing and Spoofing - the practice of sending fraudulent emails claiming to be from a reputable company in order to collect personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, from clients.
**BEC - a phishing cyberattack that relies on social engineering in which the perpetrator impersonates or compromises an executive's email account to manipulate the target into revealing sensitive information.