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ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay makes it easier to monitor your ACH debit activity online.

Protect yourself from fraudulent entries without reviewing every item.
ACH debits to your account are compared to authorizations you have previously established. Items matching the established criteria are released for payment. Any exception or ACH debit without prior authorization on file becomes available for your online review and decisions.
  • Establish authorizations by the account balance to allow one-time or future recurring ACH debits.
  • Allow decision capabilities for other individuals in the organization via secondary user access.
  • Review, modify, or delete authorizations.
  • Receive email alerts when ACH debits have been received on your account without authorization.
  • Review ACH debit entries prior to posting and make decisions to pay or return potentially fraudulent entries (No decision on a debit defaults to returning the transaction to the sender).
  • Access additional ACH information regarding the item presented for review, like the originator name, RTN and company ID, Standard Entry Class and effective date.
  • View reports displaying check items, ACH items, or both.
  • Improved control and security enable you to make immediate pay/no pay decisions on potentially fraudulent items
  • Reduced costs, increased efficiency
  • Lower fraud exposure and potential losses associated with electronic payment fraud
  • Quick online enrollment through Agility's secure business banking online application