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Check Positive Pay

Prevent fraud with Check Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay identifies potential fraudulent items immediately and enables you to view images of checks with changed or duplicate check numbers, amounts or even payees.*

With Check Positive Pay, you can identify that fraud is taking place sooner rather than later. Save yourself time and money, and protect your balances and cash flow.
  1. As you issue checks, upload a file or manually enter check numbers, amounts, and payee names in the Positive Pay section of your banking portal. 
  2. The bank compares the check issued data to checks being presented for payment against your account. If there are any discrepancies, you are notified by 9:00 a.m. central time each business day via e-mail. Then, go online and view the exception items so you can make a pay or no pay decision. And, if an altered check is presented at Agility Bank, it will not be posted. Any voids or reissues are processed in real-time when updating check-issue information.
  3. If the check you issued has a check number or transaction amount that differs from the information you provided and is presented to the bank in an electronic form, it becomes an exception for your review. This improves the exception capture rate and protects your money.

*Positive Pay Payee | Customer must have Check Positive Pay if they want payee | Check Positive pay can be by itself.