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Merchant Services

Merchant services enable businesses to accept payments through secure, encrypted channels.

By setting up a merchant account, funds from processed transactions are deposited with the account serving as an intermediary between your business bank account, the credit card networks, and your customer's issuing bank.

How it works:
arrow ribbonYour customer pays for the services your company provides by completing a card transaction.
arrow ribbonThe card payment terminal securely sends the payment details to your merchant account requesting payment authorization.
arrow ribbonYour merchant accounts sends the transaction to the connected credit card association.
arrow ribbonThe credit card association passes the transaction to the credit card issuer or issuing bank.
arrow ribbonThe issuing bank determines whether to approve or deny the transaction based on the customer's account status.
arrow ribbonThe approval or denial message is sent back to your business's card payment terminal.


Debit and Credit Card Acceptance Process payments efficiently with the credit card of your customer's choice, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
Accessibility Access is available to every PIN for customers paying with a debit card.
Excellent Customer Experience Allow your customers to receive payment benefits like fast, reliable and secure payment processing; quick payment funding, and 24/7 live, US-based customer support.
Fraud and Security Solutions Offers peace of mind for a small business's security needs.
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