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Commercial Loans

Your loan application process made simpler

Our bankers will need to know some information about your business in order to complete the loan application process, so we put together a list that will help you get this done as quickly and easily as possible. You can provide this information on paper, or you can schedule a call with your banker.

  1. What is the purpose of this loan?
  2. What is the desired loan amount?
  3. What is the borrowing entity?
  1. Purchase contract
  2. Valuation (if already available)
Help Agility Get to Know You:
  1. What is your business name and description?
  2. What is your background and business history?
  3. What makes your business successful?
Principals and/or Guarantors:
  1. Who are the primary principals and authorized borrowers for your business?\
  2. Please provide a brief biography and background on each principal or authorized borrower.
  1. Three years of business tax returns
  2. Two years principal/guarantor tax returns
  3. Current balance sheet
  4. Current P&L statement

Touch base with a banker if you have any questions

Marie Cano
Commercial Lender