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Mobile Wallet

Contactless payment with a tap of your smartphone

What is a mobile wallet?
Mobile wallets provide users a way to keep their funds accessible (and still safe) at all times. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and PayPal connect directly to your accounts and cards, enabling you to checkout in stores online or in person, and pay friends and family without fumbling for your wallet or digging for cash.

Are mobile wallets safe?
Your information stored in your mobile wallet is encrypted and secure. Many mobile wallets use PINs or biometrics, like facial identification or fingerprinting technology, to ensure safe and legitimate transactions. With mobile wallets, you're also at no risk of running into magnetic strip scanners. At Agility Bank, our number one priority is the protection of our clients. Always exercise caution when providing personal information digitally. 

Along with the convenience and security, what are some other benefits to using a mobile wallet?
In a post-COVID-19 world, contactless payments are becoming extremely popular. They help reduce the risk of spreading germs and disease, and you can avoid touching the card scanners that potentially hundreds of people have touched before you.

Mobile wallets also save you time, which we all know is valuable. Complete purchases quicker with just a simple click of your phone or other smart device.